Please Contact your Board Members

Please contact your Board Members and ask them to work with the Dixon Education Association to quickly and fairly come to a resolution to this crisis.

Tom Balser

844 North Ottawa

Dixon, IL 61021


Jim Schielein

1381 Dutch Road

Dixon, IL 61021


Tom Lemoine

838 Riverside Drive

Dixon, IL 61021


John Jacobs

1815 Deer Crossing Ct.

Dixon, IL 61021


Pam Tourtillott

532 Apple Street

Dixon, IL 61021


Kevin Sward

222 West Graham

Dixon, IL 61021


Woody Lenox

1806 West First Street

Dixon, IL 61021


Also, please contact the district’s superintendent, Mr. Michael Juenger at:

Dixon Public Schools

1335 Franklin Grove Road

Dixon, IL 61021


The Dixon Education Association will be holding a parent information meeting on Tuesday, March 5th at 7:00 p.m. at the Dixon Elks. Please join us for a chance to have your questions answered by the teachers.

4 Responses to Please Contact your Board Members

  1. Gracie Grove says:

    DEA members- I wrote each board member a note and sent it 3/1/13. I wish to share the contents. Dear Mr. Balser: After reading the two proposals of the Dixon School Board of Education and the Dixon Teachers Association, I need to write you this note. Some of the purposed language coming from the board is very regative to say the least. Whenever the teachers purposed new language(including the reasoning behind it) the board would just reject the idea without any consideration. Whenever the board would introduce new language,, it would be regressive, to what was already stated in the present contract. For example, cutting the money and expecting more time from the teachers. Do you think this is “bargaining in good faith”? Granted, I believe both parties of this contract need to compromise to attain a fair outcome. But in the process, try to become more understanding of the total impact. We need our young people to be attracted to the teaching profession for our future. We need to settle this contract ASAP for the people of our community of Dixon. Thank you for your service to our community. Sincerely, Gracie Grove, taxpayer
    Good luck, teachers!

  2. facs13 says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Hopefully, others can follow in a similar fasion.

  3. facs13 says:

    Sorry for the typo (fashion). Guess I need to use spell check and stop typing so fast.

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