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A Letter in the Telegraph on February 14th

Former member of the Dixon Board of Education, Carolyn Brechon, wrote a letter that was published in today’s Telegraph. Follow the link below to read it online.



Final offers posted

The final offers from both the Dixon Education Association and the Dixon Board of Education have been posted on the Illinois Eduction Labor Relations website. Please click on the link below to read both offers. You will find the offers for Dixon on the bottom of the page.

A Talk with the Teachers – Tuesday 2/12

On Tuesday evening some Dixon teachers were at Books on First for a question and answer session with community members. Please join us for our next, “Talk with the Teachers,” which will take place at Books on First this coming Thursday (2/14) between 4:00 – 5:30.


A Letter to the Parents of Dixon Students

Dear Parents of Dixon Students

As you may know, your Dixon Teachers have been working without a contract since August. We write to you today to make clear some of the issues we are trying to resolve in our contract negotiations with the Board of Education. It is our hope that you take the time to read below and act upon this information in any way you see fit.

The professional educators of Dixon are dedicated to providing the highest quality education possible to students of our community.

We believe Dixon students need and deserve :

  • Reasonable class sizes: As teacher positions have been cut, the quality teacher-student contact time has decreased
  • Academic programming that supports all skill levels and meets individual student needs
  • Quality, up-to-date textbooks: enough for all!
  • Quality technology and materials to meet students’ changing needs
  • Qualified teachers who are attracted to and want to stay in the school district because of competitive wages, hours and working conditions
  • A safe learning environment that is well-supervised

Dixon teachers feel the following have negatively affected the quality of education offered:

  • All-too-frequent meetings that keep teachers from providing instruction to students
  • Cuts in teaching and support staff numbers
  • Too little teacher-to-teacher collaboration time
  • The placement of Special Needs students in general education classrooms without necessary supports and training for teachers

We believe this type of decline in our district is unacceptable and detrimental to the quality that all students deserve.

With these concerns in mind, we ask you to please contact the Dixon Board of Education Members and ask for a speedy and fair resolution to this crisis. Dixon teachers do not want a work stoppage. We want to work together with the Board and our community to provide a bright future for our children.

Please go to the Dixon Schools website: –> on the left side of the screen click on “Contact the Superintendent” –> click “Board of Education” at the middle of the screen. There you have access to email every Board member. Please urge them to come to the table again BEFORE the next scheduled meeting on February 25th. Please urge them to compromise for the good of our students and our school district.


Your Teachers

Dixon Education Association


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Dixon School District Financials

Below you will find the Dixon School District Annual Statement of Affairs as of June 30, 2012.


In the News

Teachers question board spending (The Telegraph 2/12/13)