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Joint Press Release – March 13, 2013 at 2:05 a.m.

The Dixon Public Schools Board of Education and Dixon Education Association are pleased to announce that at 1:40 a.m., Wednesday morning, the parties reached agreement on a four-year contract.  Both students and teachers will return to school on Wednesday, March 13th and begin ISAT testing by the end of this week.

The specific details of the contract will be made available after the teachers ratify and the Board approves the tentative agreement.  The DEA plans to ratify the agreement on Monday, March 18th and the Board of Education will approve the agreement at its March 20th meeting.

The Board and DEA affirmed that with this strike now being resolved, it is time for the parties to put any disagreements behind them and move forward in a positive direction for the benefit of the students, parents and community.

“With the assistance of the federal mediator, both parties worked hard to find creative solutions to resolve the outstanding issues,” said Sandi Sodergren-Baar, President of the DEA.  “We are confident that the settlement is the best one for our schools and will keep the District moving forward,” said Tom Balser, Board President.

Dixon Education Association Press Release

Mediator calls for new talks in Dixon today

Teachers say yes.  No announcement from school board yet.

The federal mediator assigned to assist in negotiations between Dixon teachers and the school board has called for new talks later today, according to a news release issued today by the Dixon Education Association (DEA).

Dixon teachers have confirmed their readiness and availability to meet at any time.    There has been no official announcement from the school board as yet.

Dixon teachers have been on strike since February 28 th.

“We are absolutely committed to getting back to the negotiations table today and bringing this dispute to an end as fast as humanly possible,” said Sandra Sodergren-Baar, President of the DEA.  “If the board will meet with us with a sincere desire to find a solution, we know we can get this done and get the students back in school.”

Sodergren-Baar  said several items in dispute have been settled in the last few negotiation sessions.  Remaining major items include class size, availability of textbooks, length of instructional year, compensation and insurance.

“These major sticking points are resolvable if all parties come to the table with the commitment to do so,” Sodergren-Baar said.  “But it takes two to reach an agreement. We’re here and ready to negotiate.”

The DEA President said teacher representatives reached out through the mediator to school board members on Sunday and invited them to become more directly involved in discussions to resolve the dispute.  She said teacher representatives believe face-to-face negotiations among teacher and board representatives could change the negotiations atmosphere in a positive way.





Board Members can get this SETTLED – contact them today

Dixon School Board members are solely responsible for settling the contract with the Dixon Education Association.

CONTACT the Board of Education members in person to demand a settlement be reached.

Tom Balser

844 North Ottawa

Dixon, IL 61021


Jim Schielein

1381 Dutch Road

Dixon, IL 61021


Tom Lemoine

838 Riverside Drive

Dixon, IL 61021


John Jacobs

1815 Deer Crossing Ct.

Dixon, IL 61021


Pam Tourtillot

t532 Apple Street

Dixon, IL 61021


Kevin Sward

222 West Graham

Dixon, IL 61021


Woody Lenox

Dixon, IL 61021



Dixon teachers will continue to picket at all schools, central office, and the Galena Avenue bridge. When not picketing, groups are visiting local business and asking them to help distribute flyers, urging the community to contact the district office and board members to get this settled.

Even though we are not in the classroom we are still working hard for our students!

Clarification for Dual Credit Classes

Only dual credit classes taught by non-DEA teachers will take place at Sauk.

Salary Comparisons for Area Districts

2011 – 2012 NCIC Salary Comparisons W/O TRS


Base Salary

ISBE Ave Salary

Top Salary


1. Rock Falls 




25 MS+40

2. Rochelle 




18 MS+42

3. Kewanee 





4. Princeton 




20 MS+32

5. Mendota 




18 MS+32

6. LaSalle/Peru 




24 MS+32

7. Ottawa 




30 MS+30

8. Dixon 




22 MS+30

9. Geneseo 




20 MS+32

10. Streator 




19 MS+32

11. Sterling 




20 MS+48

12. Hall Twp




19 MS+36

Next Negotiation Session

The next round of negotiations will be held this Sunday (3/10/13) at 12:00. There will be a rally outside central office beforehand from 11:00 – 12:00 a.m. Please join us in supporting our team!! Bring as many people with you as you possibly can!

Don’t forget to “Spring Forward” this weekend!

Dixon Parents Stand United Facebook

Please visit the “Dixon Parents Stand United” Facebook page for an important message to the parents and other community members of Dixon.

Please join us!

The teachers of the Dixon Education Association would like to invite the parents and members of the community to join us tomorrow (Friday 3/8) at central office from 12 – 1. We will be there to support our negotiation team as they head into another negotiation session with the school board. Please join us!