Board Members can get this SETTLED – contact them today

Dixon School Board members are solely responsible for settling the contract with the Dixon Education Association.

CONTACT the Board of Education members in person to demand a settlement be reached.

Tom Balser

844 North Ottawa

Dixon, IL 61021


Jim Schielein

1381 Dutch Road

Dixon, IL 61021


Tom Lemoine

838 Riverside Drive

Dixon, IL 61021


John Jacobs

1815 Deer Crossing Ct.

Dixon, IL 61021


Pam Tourtillot

t532 Apple Street

Dixon, IL 61021


Kevin Sward

222 West Graham

Dixon, IL 61021


Woody Lenox

Dixon, IL 61021


2 Responses to Board Members can get this SETTLED – contact them today

  1. Carolyn Moore says:

    money wasted over this, could’ve been spent on new text books and 2% raises for the teachers. How much more tax payer dollars do we waste? We’ve wasted more than half the money the teachers contract proposal was asking for — lost funding, 2 lawyers fees, and most importantly the priceless amount of not educating the children. Settle this now.

  2. John Scott says:

    Carolyn Moore is right. If the district is so concerned about money. They have a poor way of showing it. I guess they would rather spend it on resources fighting the DEA then on investing in teachers and schools which I thought a “board of education” should be most concerned about.
    I’ll bet those two lawyers like very much that this has been extended for so long. Job security I would say!

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