DEA November Teachers of the Month

Congratulations to the DEA November Teachers of the Month!

  • Jennifer Page of RMS is nominated for working hard to improve the climate of the school.

  • Karen Chamberlain of DHS for working extremely hard to provide a routine and structured environment for all the students she sees on a daily basis.

  • Mandy Dallas of Washington for always volunteering for extra jobs to get things done.

  • Keely Dewey of Jefferson was nominated for providing Jefferson students with a positive educational experience.

  • Beth Dir of Jefferson for motivating her students through words of inspiration, PBIS expectations, and invaluable guidance.

  • Jenny Kirchner of DHS works diligently to recognize the needs of students including basic needs and nutrition.

  • Kelly Gingras of DHS for showing compassion for her students both inside and outside the classroom.

  • Kim Bork of Madison for being incredibly hard working and keeping families involved.

  • Lindsay Mitchell of Madison prepares weekly PLC agendas and mentors a new teacher during her plan.

  • Emily Hogan of DHS for being great to collaborate with and for always willing to assist her co-teacher and students.

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