Congratulations to the DEA March Teachers of the Month!

Congratulations to the DEA March Teachers of the Month!

  • Evan Thorpe (Madison) – has been going above and beyond by donating his prep time to reinforce student expectations in the cafeteria during lunches
  • Lynn Longan (RMS) – does a fantastic job providing accommodations for all instructional students in her classes
  • Rita Gillespie (RMS) – contributes much knowledge about state expectations and rules as a strong asset to her school’s SIP team
  • Michelle Bally (DHS) – does a wonderful job opening up her classroom to other teachers, allowing professional growth
  • John Barker (Madison) – spends a great amount of time searching for quality resources and offers support to his fellow teachers

Congratulations to the DEA February Teachers of the Month!

Congratulations to the DEA February Teachers of the Month!

  • Micah Hey (Wasthington) – has been a great addition to Washington as a first year teacher
  • Dolph Ricks (Madison) – has been a great help to his co-workers during the recent ice storms
  • Nate Geeves (RMS) – is recognized for mentoring new staff at RMS and adding much humor to his co-workers
  • Eva Langloss (RMS) – deserves thanks for all of her hard work, dedication, and patience in developing the best schedules for students with IEP’s
  • Paula Durband (RMS) – gives all efforts to make sure all IEP’s were covered as RMS transitioned with new teachers this January
  • Candy Lind (RMS) – nominated for many reasons. She serves on several committees, taking notes to distrubute; she works with students for them to succeed and feel appreciated
  • Jen Hall (RMS) – for going above and beyond to help with IEP’s and work loads
  • Tammi Morthland (RMS) – also went above and beyond covering IEP’s while RMS was short-staffed, always helping where needed
  • Tom Padilla (DHS)– does a fantastic job introducing opportunities for students to experience culture and arts outside of school