Congratulations to the DEA February Teachers of the Month!

Congratulations to the DEA February Teachers of the Month!

  • Micah Hey (Wasthington) – has been a great addition to Washington as a first year teacher
  • Dolph Ricks (Madison) – has been a great help to his co-workers during the recent ice storms
  • Nate Geeves (RMS) – is recognized for mentoring new staff at RMS and adding much humor to his co-workers
  • Eva Langloss (RMS) – deserves thanks for all of her hard work, dedication, and patience in developing the best schedules for students with IEP’s
  • Paula Durband (RMS) – gives all efforts to make sure all IEP’s were covered as RMS transitioned with new teachers this January
  • Candy Lind (RMS) – nominated for many reasons. She serves on several committees, taking notes to distrubute; she works with students for them to succeed and feel appreciated
  • Jen Hall (RMS) – for going above and beyond to help with IEP’s and work loads
  • Tammi Morthland (RMS) – also went above and beyond covering IEP’s while RMS was short-staffed, always helping where needed
  • Tom Padilla (DHS)– does a fantastic job introducing opportunities for students to experience culture and arts outside of school

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