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10 Responses to Contact DEA

  1. Litchfield Education Association says:

    Thank you for standing strong against unfair practices. The Litchfield Education Association sends our best wishes to you. We know the antics of the superintendent you are up against.

    • Ken Swanson says:

      I wish you all the best as you work for a fair and equitable settlement. Be proud of the work you do, be strong and united in your commitment to each other, and continue the good fight for quality student learning conditions as well as the compensation and respect you deserve as you stand tall on behalf of yourselves, your students, and quality public education in Dixon.

      Ken Swanson, IEA Past President

  2. Fred Klonsky says:

    Stay strong.
    -Fred Klonsky
    IEA Retired, Chicago

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  4. Patricia Herrmann says:

    Stick together. Care for one another. Laugh every day. You are defending education as a profession that can support a family. Nothing is more important for you and your community.

  5. Steve Senf says:

    Stand strong and work together. The strike we had in District 64, (Park Ridge) was so hard but at the end it was a victory for all, kids, staff and the community!!!!!!!!

  6. Educator for 31 years says:

    I was part of the Chicago Public School Strike. It was amazing the support that was received when we walked the streets. It proved that when teachers band together for what is fair and just they will win. Don’t give up… boards don’t like it when they realize they are working with a strong group of teachers.

  7. siglisowski says:

    Education forever, don’t stop!

  8. I’ve been following your strike closely and realize the very important issues you have at stake. Keep united, knowing what you are doing is important not only locally, but throughout Illinois. On behalf of the Earlville Teachers Association in Region 15, I hope you arrive at an agreement that honestly reflects your value to the students of Dixon..

  9. Michael Danzi says:

    Dixon Teachers: I personaly know about the good work you do on a daily basis. Know that I support your effors. I am hopeful that the community realizes the need,and demands a change in administration and in the school board in order to provide fairness, fresh ideas, and transparency for your school district.

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