DEA April Teachers of the Month

Congratulations to the DEA April Teachers of the Month!

  • Jane KosickWashington – is a team player, accommodating to all, always flexible and helpful.
  • Maggie OlsenWashington – is a great asset to the first grade team. She is always willing to do what is best for students.
  • Ashley SpanglerWashington – puts her heart and soul into her work everyday. She is a great collaborator and inspiring to colleagues and students.
  • Denise Terrock Jeffers0n – always puts students first and does a great job differentiating for each student she has.
  • Jordan SaundersJefferson – is a team player with a “can do” attitude who works hard to build positive relationships with all her students.
  • Patty HallquistJefferson – not only does a wonderful job helping students learn, but she is a strong, positive leader in our school.
  • Addie PaceRMS – is considerate of others, always encouraging, and speaking up when things aren’t right.
  • Tracy KitzmanRMS – provides opportunities for students to research and present global awareness projects.
  • Ryan Hoffman and Tom PadillaDHS – together, these gentlemen provided a musical performance as an alternative to knockerball on the afternoon following PSAT testing.

DEA March Teachers of the Month

Congratulations to the DEA March Teachers of the Month!

  • John Tate – DHS – attends many after school activities, takes exceptional photographs, and shares with the yearbook and newspaper staff
  • Lynn Longan – RMS – stepped in to help prepare extended sub plans for an unexpected illness of a co-worker
  • Reni Whitcombe – RMS – stepped in to plan for a teacher who had an extended illness, taking much stress off of a coworker
  • Candy Lind – RMS – for being a sounding board for coworkers and providing encouragement
  • Maria Peterson – Jefferson – is an advocate for all students, going above and beyond to help all

February DEA Teachers of the Month

Congratulations to the DEA February Teachers of the Month!

  • Jason Burgess – DHS – does a great job of demonstrating patience, empathy, and a sense of humor when working with freshman health students
  • Jessica Meusel – Jefferson – makes connections with her students a high priority as she encourages them to reach their highest potential
  • Carrie King – RMS – organized the RCBM test schedule for this past winter to make it more efficient for the students and the adults who administer it

DEA January Teachers of the Month

Congratulations to the DEA January Teachers of the Month!

  • Eric Ferguson – RMS
  • Dorry Kingry – Jefferson
  • Andrew McKay – DHS
  • Liz Bushman – Madison

DEA December Teachers of the Month

Congratulations to the DEA December Teachers of the Month!

  • Alexa Reeder– because¬† of her hard work on the PBIS committee organizing the quarterly celebration
  • Kayla Schamberger– because of her hard work on the PBIS committee organizing the quarterly celebration
  • Dave Stanley– for being a dedicated teacher who goes above and beyond for his students on a daily basis
  • Julia Thornton– for working hard at building a great positive culture at RMS
  • Judy Fane– for being very caring and keeping traditions alive through her themes. she shares her artistic ability with her children as well as co-workers
  • Gibson Danekas– for being dedicated and caring about his students
  • Lee Eastman– puts his students first. He open his room early and leaves it open late for students to work or just hang out


DEA November Teachers of the Month

Congratulations to the DEA November Teachers of the Month!

  • Jennifer Page of RMS is nominated for working hard to improve the climate of the school.

  • Karen¬†Chamberlain¬†of DHS for working extremely hard to provide a routine and structured environment for all the students she sees on a daily basis.

  • Mandy Dallas of Washington for always volunteering for extra jobs to get things done.

  • Keely Dewey of Jefferson was nominated for providing Jefferson students with a positive educational experience.

  • Beth Dir of Jefferson for motivating her students through words of inspiration, PBIS expectations, and invaluable guidance.

  • Jenny Kirchner of DHS works diligently to recognize the needs of students including basic needs and nutrition.

  • Kelly Gingras of DHS for showing compassion for her students both inside and outside the classroom.

  • Kim Bork of Madison for being incredibly hard working and keeping families involved.

  • Lindsay Mitchell of Madison prepares weekly PLC agendas and mentors a new teacher during her plan.

  • Emily Hogan of DHS for being great to collaborate with and for always willing to assist her co-teacher and students.

DEA October Teachers of the Month

Congratulations to the DEA October Teachers of the month!

  • Kim Bork
  • Lisa Guenther
  • Carrie King
  • Luke Ravlin
  • Evan Thorpe