Photos 1

IMGP0764    IMGP0815

IMGP0809    IMGP0825

IMGP0822    IMGP0745

IMGP0765    IMGP0818

IMGP0762    IMGP0738    Photo: On Tuesday evening Dixon Education Association members rallied before the Dixon Public Schools central office in support of their negotiating team, which was meeting with the board.

photo IMG952969 IMAG1486

IMAG1489 IMAG1490  IMAG1493 IMAG1488 IMAG1491 IMAG1494 IMAG1492 0228130714a 0228130716 IMAG1497 IMAG1498 IMAG1499 IMAG1500 IMAG1501 IMAG1502 IMAG1496 0228130716c 235MEDIA36IMAG0104 image (2) image (3) image(1) image(2) image WP952013022895001 image(1) image(2) image(3) - Copy image(4) image 20130228_111416 IMG_001413

IMG951667 27 27b 31 33 IMG_9230

20130304_074421 20130304_081144

image(5) photo

IMG950470 IMG950471 IMG950472 IMG950473

2013-03-04 12.37.38 20130304_123121

IMG950475 IMAG0969 IMAG0970 2013-03-04 13.56.36 IMAG0974

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